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The Canada Bus offers the most comfortable bus travels with our well-maintained and new bus. We offer very easy booking with amazing discounts so that you can plan your trip any time. We have very experienced drivers, who ensure you the safest journey between Calgary And Edmonton. Everything is taken care of in terms of traveler's facilities, cleanliness, and preserving the condition of the buses.

Bus travel overview from Calgary to Edmonton

  • Average Ticket Price : CA $36.0
  • Taxes : no platform fee , hence less taxes
  • Bus trip duration : 2:25 to 4.00 hours
  • Distance : 375 (approx) , depands on stopage
  • Number of daily buses : 11 Services
  • Earliest bus departure : 7AM
  • Latest bus departure : 6PM

Bus Stops & Onboarding Stands

On boarding stand and bus stops in between from Calgary to Edmonton
Calgary location Calgary to International Airport - YYC , Whitehorn LRT , Crossiron Mills , Downtown Greyhound Station , Brentwood
Edmonton Location Downtown Edmonton , St NW , Edmonton International Airport , Southgate LRT , Northgate Rosslyn hotel


The Canada Bus proudly connects Calgary and Edmonton. If you are planning to travel and book a bus ticket from Calgary To Edmonton then you are at the right place. We have a daily bus service between Calgary to Edmonton. You need no stress about travel, just book your ticket and mention your pick-up and drop location. We will pick you up from anyone from these pick points 1. *Delta Hotel* (Calgary Downtown) 2. *Whitehorn LRT* 3. *Cross iron Mills* 4. *Tim Hortons* (Red Deer) and travel to destination. Do not feel worried, just book or call us for any help.


The Canada Bus launches new and modern buses for a comfortable and safe journey between Edmonton And Calgary. If you want to travel from Edmonton to Calgary, The Canada Bus will be your right choice. We have a daily bus service between Edmonton to Calgary. Here you can get amazing discounts on bus tickets from Edmonton to Calgary with the best in bus services. Just book your bus tickets for Calgary and choose your pick-up point as Southgate LRT. We will pick you up from the pick point and travel to your destination.


Our company operating between Calgary and Edmonton have schedules that cover various departure and arrival times throughout the day. Whether you prefer an early morning at 7AM departure or a eveninig last departure till 6PM , you can find a schedule that fits your itinerary. Additionally, ThecanadaBus offer frequent departures, ensuring 11 flexible routes for your travel plans from Calgary to edmonton , our bus Service available all 7 days.

Ticket Prices

When it comes to ticket prices, we offers affordable fares for their passengers. Prices may vary based on factors such as departure time, seat selection, and the level of service provided. Direct bus is the expensive one compare with multiple stops route which also has long travel time. Our ticket price start from $ 36.0 to $65 and duration for diect route is 2:25 hours and go upto 4:00 hours , which is the longest route, however price is very low.

Buses Timetable

Calgary to Edmonton
(Daily Service) For Pickup/Drop off Location Address
Calgary Red Deer Edmonton
** Delta Hotel**
Calgary Downtown
Whitehorn LRT Cross iron Mills ** Tim Hortons**
Red Deer
Edmonton Airport
(Pre-Booking Required)
Southgate LRT
7:15 AM 7:35 AM 7:55 AM 9:15 AM 10:25 AM 10:55 AM
12:30 PM 12:50 PM 1:15 PM 2:45 PM 4:00 PM 4:30 PM
5:00 PM 5:20 PM 5:40 PM 7:00 PM 8:15 PM 8:45 PM
Edmonton to Calgary
(Daily Service) For Pickup/Drop off Location Address
Edmonton Red Deer Calgary
Southgate LRT ** Tim Hortons**
Red Deer
Cross iron Mills Calgary Airport
(Pre-Booking Required)
Whitehorn LRT ** Delta Hotel**
Calgary Downtown
8:45 AM 10:05 AM 11:25 AM 11:40 AM 11:55 AM 12:10 PM
12:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:50 PM 3:10 PM 3:35 PM 4:00 PM
5:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:30 PM 8:50 PM 9:15 PM 9:35 PM

Airports Drop Off Calgary and Edmondton Airports Drop Off





Tickets for this popular route are selling quickly.

Booking Your Bus Ticket

Our booking method for bus tickets from Calgary to Edmonton is straightforward and convenient. With online booking options available for both mobile and tablet devices, you can secure your ticket with a few clicks, saving you time and worry.

We provide ticket reservations, allowing you to plan your trip ahead of time and secure a seat on your selected departure date and time. This way, you may have piece of mind knowing your ticket is confirmed and avoid any last-minute surprises.

One of the benefits of reserving a bus ticket online is the flexibility it provides. You can select from a variety of departure times to accommodate your schedule, whether you prefer an early morning or late trip. With numerous departure times available throughout the day, you may choose the one that works best for you.

In addition to customizable alternatives, TheCanadaBus frequently offers popular departure times. Travelers frequently choose these departures because they are more convenient and available. By selecting these common departure times, you can benefit from a well-established timetable that accommodates the bulk of travelers.

Also, keep an eye out for any possible discounts when reserving your bus ticket. TheCanadaBus frequently offers special discounts and prices for 6 tickets at once, allowing you to save money on your trip. Discounts can vary, so check the website or contact the bus company to see if any current discounts apply.

"Booking your bus ticket online provides the convenience of securing your seat in advance while enjoying the flexibility of choosing from popular departure times."

You may quickly plan and buy your bus ticket from Calgary to Edmonton using the online booking system, ticket reservations, flexible options, popular departure times, and the potential of discounts. Enjoy the ease and begin your journey with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest way to commute from Calgary to Edmonton is via bus , which costs $32 - $65 and takes 3hr 35min.
The fastest way to get from Calgary to Edmonton is to fly which takes 54m and costs $168 - $540.
Yes, there is a direct bus that leaves from Calgary - Downtown and arrives in Edmonton Downtown Ticket Office. Services depart every four hours and are available every day. The travel takes roughly 3h 45m.
The distance between Calgary and Edmonton is 281 km. The road distance is 298.3 km.
The best way to get from Calgary to Edmonton without a car is to bus via TheCanadaBus which takes 2h 25min and costs $65.
It takes approximately 2h 25m to get from Calgary to Edmonton, TheCanadaBus offers fastest Bus
Calgary to Edmonton bus services, operated by TheCanadaBus depart from Delta Hotel Downtown Calgary.
The best way to get from Calgary to Edmonton is to bus via TheCanadaBus which takes 2h 25m and costs $65. Alternatively, you can fly, which costs from $168 to $540 and takes 54m
The quickest flight from Calgary Airport to Edmonton Airport is the direct flight which takes 53 min.
Calgary to Edmonton bus services, operated by theCanadaBus, arrive at Southgate LRT Edmonton.
Yes, the driving distance between Calgary and Edmonton is 298 km. It takes around 3 hours and 9 minutes to go from Calgary to Edmonton.
Air North, Air Canada and WestJet offer flights from Calgary Airport to Edmonton Airport.
The best way to get from Calgary to Calgary Airport is to bus which takes 15 min and costs $4 - $6.

Travel Policies

We have exchange date option available in ThecanadaBus

BOARDING REQUIREMENTS : Ticket delivery by email , you can show email or physical hardcopy of ticket with one photo ID.

LUGGAGE Policies

  • 1 checked bag - free
  • Max 23kg (50.7lbs) per checked bag
  • No Baggage
  • 1st Check bag No Charge
  • 2nd Check Bag $10.00
  • 3rd Checked Bag $20.00
  • 4th Checked Bag $30.00
  • 5th Checked Bag $40.00

We have ZERO tolerance for ILLEGAL DRUGS, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS, VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE (toward other passengers and staff) and/or any UNRULY BEHAVIOR. This applies to the buses as well as any offices. You will be asked to leave if this rule is not followed. There will be no refunds if one is either asked to get off the bus or not allowed to board.

Service Dogs are allowed

Travellers Feedback